We can appreciate that are jackets are more than the average jacket off the shelf in your local pet store, we actually recommend that if you’re Best Paw Pal is under 1 years of age, you should buy an off the shelf Jacket. Our jackets on the other hand are made to order, and made to fit. We’ve found that there’s no one size fits all and although it’s often close, it’s just not right!

So, we have taken the time to get our pattern right to make sure it fits comfortably, we use high quality materials and your jacket is made right here in the UK, by hand.

*Best Paw Pals Guarantee – If the fit isn’t right, we will produce again until it does, or your money back.

Measuring your BPP is done in 3 simple steps. For best results, please use a tape measure.

Click see image below for guidance.


Under the Best Paw Pals Guarantee, dog jackets are returnable if the jackets do not fit due to a production fault. Picture/Video evidence will need to be provided.

All other items can be returned within 14 days of purchase provided they are in as new condition, are not soiled, do not smell and are not covered in hair.  

Our jackets are built to last, but if there are any damages, please contact us – minor repairs will be done free of charge.

After some torrential walks with @mabel.staffy, we can confirm that our softshell jackets are 99% waterproof!

Although the cuddle fleece isn’t supposed to be waterproof, it does a great job in most UK downpours for up to 30minutes.

Are jackets are made for 30% Protection, 40% Warmth, 20% Practicality and 10% Style. It’s a great all rounder but won’t keep your BPP fully dry because the jacket doesn’t cover every area (to help mobility with lame puppers) … But the areas the Jacket does cover, it will keep your Best Paw Pal warm and dry. 

October-December = Softshell
December – February = Softshell & Cuddle Fleece
February – May = Softshell
May – September = Neoprene For cooling and protection and Softshell for unpredictable rain!