About Us

The Best Paw Pal

It all started with this little princess! @Mabel.staffy… Mabel wasn’t keen on wearing dog clothing at all, but as pawrents, we were adamant on it (ha) … In her first hoodie pictured on the left, it just didn’t fit right and Mabel couldn’t walk properly and didn’t even try to run. We gave up for a while, but when the winter came, we knew we had to try again. 

Lockdown Madness

We (Ess left, Gill right) got Mabel just before Lockdown at 1 year old. We spent the first 2-3months loving life and training like crazy thinking we’d be back to work in a flash. Who knew it would go on for 2 whole years?! 

Ess owns a dance clothing company and pretty much lost all sales over Lockdown and needed to act fast! With our new found love (Mabel) and the community online, the transition into Best Paw Pals felt natural. When winter came, we did it purely for Mabel, it took months to get the fit right and when Mabel decided to show it off on Instagram, all of Mabels BPPs (rather than BFFs) got in touch giving great feedback, and Best Paw Pals was born! 

This is just the Beginning.